How to login to Quotex is quite easy, even for beginner traders who have just finished registering an account. Quotex is one of the popular trading platforms that allows traders to invest in international markets.

On this platform, there are many financial instruments available ranging from cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex, indices, and shares. This platform has an intuitive interface, so it is very user-friendly for novice traders.

Easy Steps How to Login to Quotex and Start Trading

One of the advantages of the Quotex Trading Platform is the easy login process for users. The steps are quite simple, so users can access the trading platform quickly and safely. However, there are quite a few new users who don’t know how to enter the Quotex platform. Below are the steps to log into the trading site.

New Trader has Registered a New Account

Before being able to enter this trading platform, users must ensure that they already have a Quotex account. Because, without having an account first, traders cannot log in to this website. To register a new account, users only need to go to the Register menu. Then fill in the form completely and follow all the instructions until finished.

how to login quotex

Open the Quotex Official Website

If you already have an account, the first step in how to login to Quotex is to visit the official Quotex website. To open it, you can use a browser on your smartphone or laptop. Make sure users only visit the official website at This is to anticipate various forms of cybercrime and scams. So avoid links other than the link above which are in the name of Quotex.

Enter Login Information Data

After successfully opening the official Quotex page, on the main page of this site there will be a Sign In menu. Click on the menu, two fields will appear, namely email address and password. Users need to enter these two information data according to the data they used during the registration stage. If you forget your password, users don’t need to worry. Because there is a Forgot Password option there. This feature allows users to recover old passwords with new passwords.

how to login quotex

Click the Login Button

The next step after entering the login information correctly, click the Login button to enter your Quotex account. Next, wait until the login loading process is complete. This process may differ from one device to another. Sometimes signal strength also affects the loading process. Users should use strong signals and good device specs to get fast access to this trading platform.

User Identity Verification Process

The next step on how to login to Quotex is verification. In some cases, the Quotex online trading platform asks users to verify. This process aims to ensure the user’s identity regarding account security. If this verification pop-up appears, users should follow the steps until completion. Because this process affects platform encryption and the security of user privacy data.

Login Process Successful

If the user has done all the steps, the display will take the user to the Quotex dashboard page. In this menu, users can access various complete features available. Starting from the process of buying, selling, and selecting the type of international trade.

how to login quotex

By following the method on how to login to Quotex, users will find it easy to trade online. It is best for users to always keep their login information and data confidential. This is to avoid the theft of data and assets on the Quotex platform.

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